Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Madame de Pompadour's ribbon

As I start the project of rice jewellery, people keep asking me "why rice?"
It all start from the summer project before my MA course in School of Jewellery in Birmingham.
I was asked to use any kinds of materials, to make 10 objects. All I had was nothing. I just left my home country to a brand new place and my tool box was on its way to Birmingham.
Than my mother send me a pack of rice.
It was so precious that I would not even eat them.
Rice was my treasure at the moment.

Embroidery of the sea

"Value" is my main topic of my works.
What make things valuable? and what is so called "valuable" things?
I test my works from different view of social standard.

Madame de Pompadour

French Balloon

Purple China

Rococo frame

Blue Embroidery

Pink Embroidery

If you would like to see them and feel them, my works are now exhibited at Brilliantly Birmingham-FLUX Exhibition!

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