Thursday, 25 February 2010


i quite like blue recently, i can see more blue in my closet, ha.
i also bought a blue silk for doing my work, it's like the chic colour for the comming season---China blue, the latest VOGUE issue has a series photos about it, i like them very much!
Well, i just made an object, an the idea comes from a photo i took in Antwrep, Belgium.

Casting will be the key word for my form research, i think i should pay attention on the feature of rice and develop it in proper way. Also i want to add a little embroidery into my work, or add some pattern on it.
Recently, i keep thinking about the idea of "corner", which is where a connection usually happen between people, and i also thinking about "scene" of some movies, there are always an important scene for the girl and boy in the movie. Maybe i can put the "corner" into the consideration.

I should draw something, but i just can not move the pencil, not in the mood of doing that.......

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