Tuesday, 23 February 2010

i finally get started.

Finally, i start my blog, what a big progress!
i've been no mood doing anything for a while, i hope it will be a good start for me :)
since i've been stuck with my work for quite a while, i think i better do somthing.
Maybe not something really special, i just want to simply write down what i'm thinking about my work and any idea about it.
i think it's probably a way i can figure out how to find the way out.
well, hope this will work and i won't be lazy to update this blog.

Talk about something else, last Saturday i visited Derby, a little town i usually pass by when i'm on the train to Nottingham. It's a transfer post for the trains head to northern England.

Taxis here are yellow! which are different from other places in UK, usually, they are black. And there are two traditional markets in Derby, i really like these old market places, full of surprise!

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